Saturday, August 16, 2008

Me and Rhys

I am little too

Bag eats baby

In Mechanicsburg today, a bag eats a small child.

The new house

Digger world eat your heart out

Great Grandad

After all of that Rhys stuff - back to the real star of this blog

Cousin Kate was around for a while, and for some unknown reason she decided to get into my little red car

Then after Kate high jacks my automobile, it breaks down and she make me push

Rhys comes home

My little peanut brother is ready to come home, but all of his cloths are too big

Little Bro - mind controller or evil genius

After a full download the boy will be more powerful than you could ever imagine.

If don’t recognize this procedure – he is having his ROUTINE hearing test while asleep

1 day old

My little Brother is one day old today!!!!

And so we meet

Here are some photos that my dad took of me meeting Rhys for the first time. The only problem is that the Blackberry is probably more interesting

Remember me - i am cute too

The Boy is here

My little brother Rhys is here, and how handsome he is. i can’t wait to terrorize mum and dad with him

Everyone should bring their cleaner with them

While mum and dad were looking over the new house, I decided that it wasn’t up to my normal high cleanliness standards – I had to take matters into my own hands.


The one that smiles the most/looks like a crazed Elf gets a prise.

And we have a winner

Giggah what???

Thanks for the hat nanny Jen


Yes she is at the table again

Its a hard knock life for us

The sun will come out tomorrow, so you got to hang on till tomorrow.

Not the intended use

Eleni gets her new water table and plays happily

During all of the fun, something went wrong and craziness ensued.

Some how i think this isn't the intended use

Thats better

Lets all play

ahhhh so cute - Master Henry and Eleni on the slide

Every little girl needs a swing

Eleni on the bouncer

minutes later the bouncer is condemed, and the workmen take it away