Sunday, January 13, 2008

Girls and their shopping - it must be something in the DNA

Last weekend our good friends came over with Eleni's little mate - Jolisa. Suffice to say that these two enjoyed their shopping practice.

Let us hope that their shopping stays playful and not actual for a long long time – right Justin?

This shopping walker isn’t big enough for the both of us!!!!!!!!

The blame game

It wasnt me, honest guv! The green donkey made all this mess! I swear he did!

I said no paparazzi

All of this blogging has gotten Eleni some unwanted attention from the paparazzi. Please remember that Eleni just wants to live a normal live as a baby. Without the attention of the press – Thank you.
Written by publicist and bum wiper - Dad

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fun before nap time

We try to put Eleni down for an afternoon nap at around 2:30. But sometimes its hard cos we are having so much fun.

p.s. daddy was swinging around 2 nappies/diapers - thats all it takes to make Eleni happy - COOL

p.p.s. Eleni was asleep 10 minutes later - amazing

Daddy's little kitchen helper

This morning whilst cleaning the kitchen, the Freemans got a surprise visit from the dishwasher fairy. The assistance was lovely, although production was a little small.

Then, after a busy day in the kitchen, I like to raid the fridge to see what goodies are within

Friday, January 4, 2008

One step forward two steps back

Good engineering says, double-checking ones work is always worth the time. Even if it does take twice as long.

Scruffy Vs Cute

It’s a battle of epic proportions – Which side will win


Proof positive that the little ones will take a big box to play with over an expensive toy.

Also hurray for natural wipes!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Its been a long time

To all of those who have been waiting for an update, here it is. Maria is on blogging hiatus, and I (Joel) will be taking over for a while.

I have added 2 months of E-boogie updates, so please remember to click on the 'OLDER POSTS' link at the bottom of each page so that you get to see all of the updates.

Just because here is a photo of Minty taken a while ago!

Eleni the Musical

Eleni and the Kazoo - a match made in Heaven

Bonus "so big" footage included....


I LOVE bread

What you talking bout-Willis

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love bread

Henry's Birthday Party

Dylan and Eleni rock out with a puzzle and funky hats

At Mr. Henry’s first birthday, all of the little ones were very good - it's amazing what a promise of a Pony/ATV will do (left to right - Eleni, Dylan, the birthday boy Henry, Elise and Ruby)

Eleni really wanted Cake, but little Tessa soon calmed her down


The next time you have to call a technical support line, and you can’t understand the "exotic" accent of the techie. Remember this just might be the scene on the other end

But before you do make that call - try these handy tricks first

Just mash the keys until it works


Try the trusty stare-off

Please remember that if we can’t fix your problem over the phone, we can send a engineer out. Although we can not be held responsible for any items that go missing while we are on site

Mum and Dads presents

Mum and Dad get new bikes for Christmas, and not surprisingly Eleni’s seat was installed on Mum's bike. So no; 180 Barspins, Pogo Hopping tricks, Tailwhips, or Funky Chickens with Eleni on the back then – she is missing out


Christmas Morning

Eleni waits for Santa to arrive

Christmas Eve - Eleni gets a new ride

On Christmas Eve Eleni opened her first (early) present, then spent the rest of the night being whisked around by her poor grandparents - Eleni did not complain

Another night on the town

I always wear a bear suit whilst mum and dad chauffeur me around

New Camera

We have a new camera, and here is the first photo that maria took - we look forward to more of her work. Very reasonable

Do you think I look like Nanny Jen????

Jolisa and Eleni get down to some serious shopping

Home from California, Eleni has discovered her artistic side

My first self-photo

Thank you auntie Lisa for the Rody

Freeman/DeLorenzo trip to the left coast

First things first - Eleni enjoys a jug of wine

At the first Eleni and Annabel cute-off, both contenders turned out with much splendor. The jury is still out on the winner

Spot the obvious mistake - but she did enjoy that cactus cooler - thanks Chris and Austin.

Eleni was joined by many little cousins for her first Thanksgiving. From left to right - Mason, Eleni, Leah and Annabel

you have to love California, swimming in late November. Thanks to Laura and Ruby for lending us the wet suit

I want to be just like my big cousin Katie

Eleni's November 2007

November backlog.

At the recent first birthday party of Isabella, Eleni enjoyed her first cup cake. Well actually she just ate the frosting and a little bit of cake.

Eleni and some of her little mates. From left to right Jolisa, Isabella, Sal & baby, Adam and Eleni

Eleni as the brithday Queen

Eleni Wishes it was her birthday, but Isabella was happy to share :)