Friday, March 21, 2008

If it looks comfy – I am there

Dog bed – people bed - its all the same to me ........... you won't catch me sleeping in either.

(Note bonus image of Barry from Eastenders in the background)


You all know me by now as a fun loving mischievous toddler. I do what I want, when I want.

I have coming under some fire recently because of my lack of neat hair, clean face & nose and not to look as scruffy for my blog entries - They even wanted me to go out and get another job to pay my way. So here are a few photos where I look less tattered from working down the mine all day.

Back in California!!!!

I am back in California, with all the Family. This morning Aunt Lisa and Cousin Austin introduced me to the bright new world of Pots and Pans instruments.

Note from Dad:
If you are around Eleni, please do not introduce her to any new clanging or banging toys – even if they are free and available in every household worldwide.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Story Time

It is with great sadness that my Great Uncle George passed away on Sunday. He was a wonderful man, who loved us little ones very much, and always had time to read us a story. He lit up the room, with his laughter, funny stories, and made everyone he met feel very special. We all feel extremely lucky to have known him.

While we were in Arizona at G-Nana’s house, he read me the amazing story of Skippy John Jones (voices included).

Here is that story time, for you all to enjoy as much as I did.

We all love you Uncle George, and we miss you.

Daddy and the Lilliputians

ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh

I am way too cool for this room!


Eleni enjoys a nice refreshing bar of Chocolate courtesy of the Rubinator.

Daddy says no more chocolate

But I have a cunning plan

Check to see if Mummy and Daddy are gone

Eat more Chocolate