Sunday, May 18, 2008

Right in the kisser

Eleni has a new cool toy - here is some footage of the fun

What a difference a year makes

From baby crisper

To Daddy's arms

To Eleni's first coffee

To a first driving lesson

To the first day in the big chair

To too cool for this party

Auntie fun

A couple of weeks ago, Auntie 'And' and I were running laps around the house.

Actually, this photo makes it look more like we're in a crazy disco than exercise

Hot pink glasses and orange PJs - man am I on the wrong tracks

yes yes yes - watches are nice and all, but can we get to the good stuff

Ahhhhh - Shoes

Saturday, May 17, 2008

She sleeps

Over the past week Eleni has been sleeping very well, and has been giving Mum and Dad some much needed extra sleep.

For those who don't believe me - here is an actual photo of Eleni sleeping taken just 2 minutes ago (11:54pm)


If you were smart too

Finally (apparently) life like the Jetsons is here. Mum & Dad are the proud owners of a vacuuming robot. Mummy has taken to calling her Rosie, like the Jetsons' trusty robot housekeeper.

She comes out, she cleans all of my crumbs and Cheerios :), then she goes home.
She also leaves those lovely 'just been vacuumed' lines in the carpet - fantastic. Although Minty isn’t overly enamored with her.

If you were smart you would get one too.

Life never seemed so easy

Uncle Donnie quote:
Sometimes I wish that modern technology had focused less on home computers and more on the flying cars and personal jet-packs we were promised.

End shameless plug.....

The greatest day ever (for Dad)

Today was a glorious day for my dad. He and I shared some Marmite on toast – and it was scrumptious. Then after we drank some lovely refreshing tea – so there, Boston!!!

Here is the God given stuff itself for you all to marvel at – yum. Please do not stare for too long – you are not worthy

The many moods of Eleni





Crazy dancing toddler

Brrrrrrrr (is that Minty, or a baby deer?)

I AM COLD WITHOUT HAIR. But my tail is borrowed from a squirrel - so that keeps me warm

more dough please

Last weekend, I got up nice and early and baked some bread.

Here is a photo of me handing over a French loaf to Dad

I wonder if Dad noticed that those seeds are not really seeds!!!

House update

There has been much progress on my new house over the past few weeks.

Here are the highlights:

First the foundation was poured, and the basement walls were put in

Two weeks later and a lot of rain, and the bottom floor is in

Mum and Dad took me past today, the top floor and roof supports are on. Again the rain slows down the build. Daddy will post a more recent photo soon.

NOTE: we are not moving to a gigantic home - ours is the middle unit of three townhouses.