Sunday, April 27, 2008

We have lift off

What’s next! knife juggling!

Is someone putting Baby Bio in my milk

When I was born, I was only knee high to a grasshopper. Buy now I am half as big as a house.

Is it the RED or BLUE wire.......

Oh wait - i'll just push this button

As per usual - Minty gets in the middle of everything

Who stole the other sock

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how careful you are with your cloths washing – there always a orphaned sock. Well Eleni demonstrates that it could just be the dryer goblin.

Eleni's First Gin and Tonic

When My Nan and Granddad were here my Granddad left his nice glasses. Well suffice to say, when no one is looking I like to enjoy a glass of whatever is around

Smooth man!!!

Yeah what??

Eleni - Making toddler look good

Is this the hot tub?

Thank you for the Swim Suit Auntie And

At Uncle George and Aunt Cindi's House

More good times spent with Nana


On the Beach

It’s not that I am forgetful but I lead a busy life, and sometimes I (meaning my Dad) can’t remember where we have been. So, as requested by Auntie Andrea, here are some pictures of my first trip to the beach courtesy of My lovely Grandma

I am not quite sure what all of this is, or what I am looking at, but I think I see a Surfer Dude

Um, can someone tell Grandpa that Zebra hats are for little girl’s.

Mr. Christian doing some crazy truckless skateboard maneuvers

It’s warm, it’s yellow and it's everywhere. Wait, isn’t this usually a liquid?

Good times!

My four favorite surfer dudes

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My new house

Yesterday, Mummy and Daddy were told that our new house will start to be built this week. We are all very excited and we look forward to having you all over – especially those of you who are far away (Nan, Granddad, Uncles and Aunties, Cousins and Friends)


Alright, before you all get your knickers in a twist. Eleni maneuvered herself into this position – and it is not a crazy "Super-Nanny" punishment gone wrong.

Eleni is climbing on, and getting into everything. She just has a little trouble getting herself out of those tight spots.

The secret to toddler sleep

I don’t think that my Mummy and Daddy have made it a secret that I don’t sleep without serious provocation. But I think they have finally figured out that I like to sleep sandwiched between the sofa and Mummy.

They could have saved so many sleepless nights if only they knew. Good times!!!

Minty’s influence

After a dip in the pool I like to saunter back into the house Pooch-Style.
Apparently Children do pick anything up from any living thing

Swimming with GAL & GUB

While we were in California Eleni took a load off with Great Uncle Bryan and Great Aunt Lisa in the pool

Life is good